Lesson plan 5

( smp n 1 2 x 11 enam lingkung )

  1. identity

level : smp

class : VII

semester : II

subject : english

time :

years : 2009/ 2010

  1. standard competence

11. reading

Memahami makan text tulis fungsional dan essay pendek sangat sederhanaberbentuk descriptive dan procedure yang berkaitan dengan lingkunagn terdekat.

  1. Basic competence

merespon makna dan langkah retorika secara akurat lancar dan berterima dalam essay sanat sederhana yang berkaitan dengan lingkungan terdekat dalam tulis berbentuk descriptive.

Membaca nyaraing bermakna text fungsional dan essay pendek sangat sederhana berbentuk descriptive / procedure denagn ucapan dan tekana yang benar.

  1. Indicators

1. identification of information in descriptive / procedure

2. identification of generic structure in descriptive / procedure

3. identification of function commucation in descriptive / procedure

4. reading of word, phrase and sentences with good intonation.

5. reading descriptive and procedure text

  1. learning purpose

students are able to

1. responding and listening of information about descriptive and procedure

2. talk about glossary and vocabulary that related with material

3. expalin about generic stucture of descriptive and procedure

  1. learning material

descriptive and procedure

  1. glossary

whild animal first finally

pointed nouse next

long tail then

  1. procedure

1) pree teaching

1. greet students

2. check students attendance

3. build students motivation by giving question

a. do you like your village ?

b. how your village looks like ?

2) whilst teaching

4. teacher show some picture that related with material

5. ask students based on picture

6. ask some students read text carefully

7. discuss about text

8. answer question based on text given

9. teacher devide students into three groups

10. each groups get envelope, there are text in each envelope that not arragement well

11. ask each groups to open that envelope and arreange the text stucture togethet

12. the groups which do faster will be the winner

3) post teaching

13. ask students diffuculities about material

14. conclude the lesson

15. give test about material

  1. reasources

a. competent student

b. lest’ talk

c. picture that related material

d. website / internet

  1. techanique : three phase techniq
  2. scoring

1. technique : reading text

2. form : question

3. instrument :

a. read the text carefully and then answer the following question briefly

b. answer question based on the text

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