Lesson plan 10

( smp n 1 2 x 11 enam lingkung )

A. identity

level : smp

class : VII

semester : II

subject : english

years : 2009 /2010

B. standard competence

10. speaking

mengungkapkan makna dalam text lisan fungsional dan monolog pendek sangat sederhana berbentuk descriptive dan procedure untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan terdekat.

C. Basic competence

mengungkapkan makna yang terdapat dalam text lisan fungsional pendek sangat sederhan dengan menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan akurat lancar dan berterima untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan terdekat.

D. Indicators :

1. express the meaning of fungsional text like instruction, shopping list, announcement and greeting card.

2. give oral instruction

3. tell shopping list

4. announce something

5. tell congratulation

E. learning purpose

students are able to express the meaning of text orally

1. instruction

2. greeting card

3. shopping list

4. announcement

F. learning material

instruction : put your bag on the table

greeting card : birthday card

shopping list : price list


G. glossary

put your hand up how much is it

take it announcement


H. procedure

1) pre teaching

1. greet students

2. check students attendance

3. disscus abot grammatical taht related with material through picture and related media

2) whilst teaching

4. listen the fungsional text about material

5. teacher give question about text

6. answer by students orally

7. devide students into for groups

8. each groups have to prepare such kind of instruction, shopping list, greeting card and announcement

9. each groups have to send one of their member to perform in front of class

10. teacher explain about material

3) ost teaching

11. ask students about material

12. conclude the lesson

13. give oral test about material

I. resources

1. students conpetent

2. script about materia;l

3. picture related with topic

4. internet

J. technique : three phase techniq

K. scoring :

1. technique : oral

2. form : oral question

3. instrument :

i. give instruction based on instruction given

ii. congratulation your friend on his / her success

iii. announce information about situation happen inyour school

iv. make a list of thing you need to go to school.

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